GS Slider Demonstration

Below are some demonstrations of the GS Plugins Logo Slider. The Row Module is set to 90% width and one column with a Text Module and the code for the GS Plugin.

The attributes provided in brackets should override the Logo Slider settings. However, what seems to be happening is that even when the attributes are used, it’s necessary to have the slider settings match the attributes. For example, if the attributes indicates the Ticker1 Theme is to be used, it must also be selected in the slider settings page. 

Some brief description of settings is provided below.



The following attributes are used in brackets for the GS Logo.

  • logo_cat=”supporting-organizations”
  • speed=”20000″
  • ticker=”1″
  • inf_loop=”0″

Other Logo Settings

Other logo settings configured in the plugin settings include the following changes from the default settings:

  • Direction: Horizontal
  • Style & Theming: Ticker 1
  • Sliding Speed: 0 (this is overridden by the attribute above of 20,000 ms)
  • Autoplay Pause: 1000
  • Infinite Loop: On
  • Stop on hover: On
  • Ticker Mode: On
  • Pause Ticker on Hover: On
  • Style Settings Tab > Slide Width (px): 500 (default was 200px)

There does not seem to be any way to standardize the slide height, but having a width of 500 seems to produce fairly similar logo sizes.

Logo Slider – Ticker 1 Theme

Below is a demonstration of the slider using the Ticker 1 theme/feature. The problem with this theme/feature is that it puts excess white space between different sizes of logos.

These are the parameters [placed in brackets] that are used to generate the slider shown below:

gs_logo logo_cat=”supporting-organizations” speed=”20000″ ticker=”1″ inf_loop=”0”

[gs_logo logo_cat=”supporting-organizations” speed=”20000″ ticker=”1″ inf_loop=”0″]

Variable Height and Vertical Center

Below is a demonstration of the using the Variable Height and Vertical Center option described here

If the logos are all 150 pixels high (for example) then this feature should display them properly. However, there is still excessive white space between some of the logos.

Here is the code used in [brackets]

gs_logo theme=”verticalcenter” logo_cat=”supporting-organizations” speed=”20000″ tooltip=”tooltip”

[gs_logo theme=”verticalcenter” logo_cat=”supporting-organizations” speed=”20000″ tooltip=”tooltip”]

Variable Width Slider Theme

Below is a demonstration of the slider using the Variable Width theme.

Unfortunately the attributes do not work and the logos are only displayed static and stacked one below the other despite having manually adjusted the slider settings to correspond with the attributes. Even when using the gs_logo code in brackets by itself, when the theme settings have Style and Theming set to variable width, it still doesn’t work.

Here is the code used in [brackets]

gs_logo theme=”vwidth” logo_cat=”supporting-organizations” tooltip=”tooltip”

[gs_logo theme=”vwidth” logo_cat=”supporting-organizations” speed=”20000″ tooltip=”tooltip”]