Help Us Save Our Beautiful Planet


For All of Us

Planetary CARE DAO is dedicated to regenerating Earth’s soil through the power of sound economics and cooperation. 

Your donation will help us develop our protocol on-chain and realize our mission to regenerate Earth’s soil. Learn more about our project.

Planetary CARE DAO to invest 65% of its treasury into real-world soil regenerating projects. Our DAO provides farmers with the expertise, access to curated vendors and startup capital necessary to adopt regenerative practices. In exchange, it receives the various ecosystem credits such as carbon credits. These credits are generated from the project. They are held in the PCARE DAO treasury and eventually retired when larger NGOs and companies wish to offset their ecological impact. Farmers win because they get to increase their yields, crop quality, and financial sustainability, Planetary CARE DAO wins because we have an ever growing treasury which we can use to regenerate the planet, and most importantly, Earth wins. 

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

To bridge the gap between our mission and investors, we have created the CARE token, designed to be a sustainable store-of-value. CARE tokens are backed by the DAO treasury, providing each token with an intrinsic value and a floor price. When the market price of CARE drops below its intrinsic value, the DAO will buy back and burn tokens to bring the price back up, creating a reliable and sustainable safety net for investors. 


Unlike most other treasury backed currencies, the CARE token is deflationary, which means the CARE token will never lose value due to dilutionary inflation. As the DAO treasury grows, so does the floor price of CARE. In addition, Planetary CARE DAO is building a multitude of other revenue streams which will funnel value into the treasury, increasing the floor price of the CARE token over time. These revenue streams include consulting services, NFT sales, deflationary bonding, a suite of defi services for regenerative finance protocols and tokenized carbon credits, and much more. 


From our mission to our tokenomics, sustainability is in our heart. Your donation will help us develop our protocol on-chain and realize our mission to regenerate Earth’s soil.