Job Opening

Graphic Designer

Job Description

Hi! We’re Planetary CARE, an organization building a backbone platform for the regenerative agriculture space. We’d like your support in designing the visual assets e.g. icons for our website. What’s the goal of the site? We’re looking to recruit experienced professionals who can help us market, fund, and manage our emerging platform.


What we’re looking for


  • Collaborate with UX design team in Figma to iteratively enhance the look and feel of our site.
  • Using tools like Adobe Illustrator to design icons — these graphics will communicate key organizational concepts like ‘decentralized management.’
  • Enhance existing vector graphics so we can refine how we communicate our vision for the platform.
  • Create different versions of graphics e.g. logos for use across the site and social platforms.
  • Compose social media graphics using tools like Canva to promote our volunteering opportunity.

Those are the tasks we’d appreciate your assistance with. For clarity sake, the project does not entail the development of a marketing strategy or copywriting. Instead, you’ll primarily focus on using graphics to help articulate our brand identity.

You’ll know the project is done when the relevant graphics have been created for the site. Not only will these deliverable result in an excellent portfolio piece, they’ll provide the gratification that goes with completing meaningful work.

Understanding and logistics

We’re ready to receive your help. Over the past two years, we’ve identified our mission; selected our platforms; and built a world-class team. Initially, you’ll meet with a staff member  — who will explore with you to see if you, the project, and our organization are a good fit.

If all goes well, you’ll be onboarded; receiving more details regarding our teams, values, and objectives. Along the way, you’ll get a crash course in exponential organizations — dynamic companies built for scale — plus our decentralized approach to project management. It’s a unique learning opportunity!

We’ll stay in touch via Slack, email, and video conferencing services. It’ll be time well spent. Why? Because you’ll get to play an integral role in scaffolding a regenerative agriculture platform that might transform an industry.

We look forward to hearing from you!


    Apply through email

    Want to apply? Send an email to with your introduction and resume attached. 


    This job application is open until August 15th. If selected, the next step will be a video call interview.


    If selected, you will be working from home and expected to travel to our headquarters in San Francisco once a month.



    This is a fulltime position. You’re required to work 40 hours spread over 5 days a week.