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big goals, clear roles

Volunteers often land at a new organization only to be told they can work on ‘whatever’ – they’re hardly given any direction. At Planetary CARE, we adopt a different approach. You’ll take on a role with specific tasks that have a direct connection to our organization’s audiacious goal. Any hey! If you’re not sure what position suites you, please reach out – we’re happy to design a custom role.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who will I work with?

It depends on what team you join. That said, you’ll most likely meet with your department’s project manager and the operational leader, Marianne Wyne, on a regular basis.

What does a typical week look like?

Naturally, it depends. However, let me share with you some sample tasks from an average week (BTW, I’m a project manager on the UX team). I might build flow charts on Monday; write content on Wednesday; and run a design meeting on Friday.

Where do things get done?

Good question! At this point, we’re fully remote so you’ll work virtually in using various SaaS such as Slack, Mural, Google Suite, etc.

Why volunteer at planetary care?

Look we get it! There are countless organizations you could invest your valuable time into. What makes Planetary CARE different is our obsession with values and unabiding commitment to your growth.

How many hours a week is this commitment?

Typically, volunteers work between 5 and 10 hours a week. However, that number may vary depending on whether a deadline is approaching.