Harness the Power of the Sun for Your Farm or Ranch

Innovative Solar Solutions for Agricultural Lands

Discover how Planetary CARE can transform your farm or ranch with cutting-edge solar energy production design and development services.

Our Services


Custom Solar Design

Tailored solar energy systems designed to meet the unique needs of your agricultural land, maximizing efficiency and output.


Grant & Project Preparation

Following a completed design procress, you will need to get quotes from the vendors. We can support you with this process.



Financing & Grants

In the USA, and in many other countries, there are significant state and federal grants and low interest financing available. We can assist in applying for these.

Key Features

Optimized for Agricultural Use

Our solar systems are specifically designed to withstand the demands of farm and ranch environments, ensuring durability and longevity.

Sustainable Practices

Our designs prioritize sustainability, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship.



Scalable Systems

Our solar solutions can be scaled to meet the growing needs of your farm or ranch, ensuring you can expand as your operations grow.

Transforming Agricultural Landscapes

Our Solar Energy Projects

Agriculture Champions

African Greeneurs equips individuals and teams with the complete package of practical tools to create the next generation of agro champions and growth-oriented agri-enterprises

What Our Clients Say

“Implementing solar panels on our ranch has drastically reduced our energy costs and increased our sustainability. Planetary CARE’s team was professional and efficient throughout the entire process.”

John D., Ranch Owner

“Thanks to Planetary CARE, our farm is now powered by renewable energy. The installation was seamless, and the benefits have been immediate and significant.”

Sarah K., Farm Owner

“We are thrilled with the solar energy solutions provided by Planetary CARE. Our energy independence has increased, and we are contributing positively to the environment.”

Michael L., Agricultural Business Owner

Ready to Harness Solar Energy?