Working with us




Kamran Hughes - Website Project Manager

“Planetary CARE  has helped me grow as a designer, developer, and most importantly, thinker. I’m looking forward to future adventures with our growing community.

Toni Bubb - Creative Consultant

It’s been a pleasant surprise working with Planetary CARE Humble at heart, with an audacious mission this team is putting into practice what many people have only dreamt of doing when it comes to business and changing the world.”

Melanie Carlone - Alliance Builder

In my 35 year career working with organizations both large and small, Planetary CARE is by far the most able to vision a powerfully positive emerging future, and to execute achievable steps towards it.  I am immensely satisfied to be a core member.

Dan Hanzlick - Google Analytics Lead

“Working with Planetary CARE has been a wonderful experience that has encouraged me to develop both my analytical and creative skills. I am thrilled to continue learning from the exemplary community at  Planetary CARE!”

Mike Buzzeo - Marketing Strategist

Working with Planetary CARE to play a role in revitalizing our planet has redefined the meaning of a mission-driven organization for me. The scope of ambition, tied with clear resolve and a roadmap for success is astounding.

Helena Cynamon - Content Development

Planetary CARE  is an organization that has, in a very short time, earned my complete trust.  Planetary CARE is skillfully co-creating forward thinking solutions with key regenerative agriculture stakeholders. In essence, it is building a resilient response team for local and global soil health.